(CYC) was created in order to try to open up peoples eyes to the direction the United States has turned recently. We are not a religious group nor do we have any particular political party affiliation. We are just an organization that is fed up with the way the general population of this country has become lazy and too comfortable with how things are run. CYC has no members that are politicians or with any political background. We are just regular citizens trying to make ends meet (which is becoming harder and harder with each passing year). We have observed the many obserdities and atrocities that have turned this country down the wrong path. We recognize that the United States has been sold off piece by piece to the highest bidder which has effectively turned us into a corporate state.

Please recognize that we are not trying to sell anything or put thoughts into your head. We are not experts in the political or government arenas. Please take what you read and use it to make your own decisions. The great thing about America is that you have the choice and the power to make things better for yourself and for those around you. As the sun rises on every new day stand up and make your country what YOU want it to be. Help us make a change to your country!

Photo by Steve Locke