Welcome to a site designed to help inform and change the way the United States does things in the World. As the years go on and our country changes, we have forgotten the foundations that used to make our country a model for the rest of the world. This is not a religious argument nor is it a race argument. It is an American citizen argument. Long gone are the days of hard work and pride in our past and excitment for the future. Education has moved to the back burner, only to be replaced by ignorance and repression looking only for monetary gain. We have become a country where patriotism has been replaced by a bumper sticker saying "Support the Troops". Patriotism used to mean helping others in your community, getting involved, and most importantly questioning those in charge to make sure they are looking out for our best interests and not for their personnal gain on the backs their constituance.

Instead of looking at what is being said with distain and a shrug, PLEASE take a second look at your surroundings. Take a second look at your community. How many people in this country are living on a minimum wage job where the minimum wage won't even cover living expenses, while the people in charge of setting the minimum wage are some of the wealthiest in the country? How many of you have noticed that the quality of American products and services have gone way down while prices have gone up? There is no pride in the work place anymore. We can blame big corporations and foreign labor, but blaming is not going to change the fact that it is happening. Take back whats yours!

Contrary to popular belief, the government is not in place to bail out corporations and financial institutions. The president does not answer to the board of directors at large corporations. The president (as well as the rest of our government) answers to YOU and I. Remember this the next time you go to vote. Don't settle for empty promises and statements that are meant to appease the masses with what they want you to hear. Hold your elected officials accountable for what they say and do.

The Answers to all the Problems

Unfortunatly this site does not have the answers for the tough problems that are currently facing our country. What this site hopes to do is involve people from every different walk of life and with every different view point in a discussion about how to solve some of the problems we face. This site can only present facts and information (daily news, not gossip, on the national and international level) in which you the reader will have to make your own opinion. The forum that is provided is in place to give everyone the chance to speak about what is really on their mind and to maybe come up with some good ideas we can all use to move forward in making this country a better place. Remember that the answer lies in each of us working together towards a common goal!


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