Forensic Science Workshops:
July 10-14, 2017 CSI: Lawrence Tech - Forensic Science Summer Workshop For Educators Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan Workshop Info

Some of the comments from teachers participating in Forensic Science Workshops:

“These are the best two workshops I have attended at this conference. You obviously love what you teach!” (Participant at NSTA, San Francisco, March 2011)

“The entire workshop was outstanding. The best I have attended in a long time! Thank you.”

“Please do a FSW-II so we can learn more!”

“Kathy is what I strive to be as a teacher—enthusiastic, resourceful, helpful and very knowledgeable.”

“I have attended many workshops, but I have never had such an enriched session. I left every day excited more and more about forensics. You provided me with so many engagement activities, besides teaching me so much.”

“Excellent, exciting workshop!”

“Thank you very much. This was the best workshop I’ve ever been to… I enjoyed every day.”

“Great workshop, Kathy! I’m going back with awesome ideas and great resources.”

“This was a blast! Thanks so much for everything!”

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